3 Action Items

3 Action Items to boost your web presence TODAY


Whenever I speak to businesses, I always talk about the importance of a strong web presence and a good website, but I really understand why that can sometimes be difficult. I started my first business when I was 17 in the sports training industry. The first thing I realized is that running a business was a lot of work. I was incredibly busy, all the time. Although I took the time to read up on all the newest online trends, I found that every day I was swamped with bookkeeping, administrative work and just trying to get sales up. Almost always, I put aside web marketing as something to do when I had some spare time (NEVER).

That was over 10 years ago, and back then the internet was just starting to have the kind of importance it has now. Today, everybody turns to the web before making purchases or decisions. We browse it on our phones and tablets in the bus, at work, on flights, in bed, and really just about anywhere. It’s not longer enough to simply have a website, businesses today need to build a web presence.

The problem I always had was the lack of concrete information about what to do. I was always left trying to decipher these big ideas and to bring them into my company. In the end, I would say that it took too long, but the reality is that I just didn’t take the time to do it. That’s why I’m going to be posting 3 actions a week that could help your business attain its potential. All businesses are different, but I will try to keep the objectives broad enough to be applicable, but specific enough to be attainable.

This week’s goals are:


1. Find 3 online communities related to your business and comment on them.

Participating in online communities is a great way to get to know your customers and their concerns. It’s also the perfect way for finding your company’s voice. Just don’t give a sales pitch. People hate that. Offer truly helpful and honest advice to just start getting your name out there.


2. Search for 5 keywords related to your business and see where you stand VS your competition.

Ranking high in google results makes a HUGE difference. There’s a lot of factors, but it is pretty safe to say that the top 5 links account for over 80% of all the clicks. Anything on the second page gets next to nothing.

For searches, try simple sentences of varying specificity. For example, a florist might use: “Florist in Montreal”, “Flower shops Montreal”, “Best Flowers for delivery in Montreal”, “Flower shops on Sherbrooke Street”, “Where to buy flowers”.

Take note of where you land compared to others and look at what they are doing differently/better.


3. Write a How-To article about your market and post it online

Write a short How-To about your product or service and post it to your company’s social media or blog. Keep it short and simple. The most important thing is just to start writing. Some easy enough ideas could be:

For a bakery: “How many baguettes should I buy for my party”

For a landscaper: “How to prepare my lawn for the winter”

For a gift shop: “How to pick the right gift for your partner”



These are little tricks and tactics that will help you boost your presence and gain a better understanding of where your business stands. Try them out over the next few days and let us know how it goes!