SEO Action Items

3 SEO Goals for the Week of May 22nd


First of all, I hope last week’s goals went well. One of the hardest parts of SEO is that the results are not immediate. It’s easy to feel like your efforts are not having any effect. Just keep at it, keep learning and soon enough, you’ll see some results.

This week’s goals are:


1. Start a Facebook Page

Facebook is a really powerful tool for growing your online presence. There are BILLIONS of active users and Americans spend more than 20 minutes a day browsing it! Starting a Facebook page is for your business is pretty simple and they have a straight forward guide right here.


2. Set aside a dedicated time for online marketing

This a really tough one for small businesses and entrepreneurs, but it is key to succeeding online. One of the best ways to succeed in online marketing is to set aside a certain amount of time everyday to write/read/posts on your social media platforms and website. I recommend starting with 15 minutes a day for the first week because if you go overboard, you’ll never stick to it. As you start realizing how important online marketing is, you’ll easily dedicate more time to it.


3. Write a blog post about your company’s history

Professionals always say that best way to get better at writing is to write, well this is an easy topic to start with. Words tend to flow a lot better if you have a complete understanding of your topic, and what could you possibly know more about than your company. Try to keep the language simple and the length between 300-450 words. Also, keep it honest. Customers love learning about the REAL YOU, so give them the opportunity to.


Good luck with these goals and let us know how it goes. It the next couple of weeks, we will be publishing some case studies and examples of real companies using these techniques to help you understand how you can maximize your profit from them. Until then, keep truckin’![:]