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3 Content Ideas for Your School


When planning social media content for an independent or private school, it’s often easy to be sidetracked from the message that really matters. Every day in schools across the country, exciting things are happening. Field Days, Pyjama Days and Science Fairs are constantly highlighted across social media platforms making it easy to get lost in the crowd. It’s crucial that your social media messages reflect the value proposition of your school. Today, we are highlighting three simple ideas that can serve as inspiration for future content on your site.

1. Showcase your Faculty

Many schools across the continent are pouring enormous amounts of resources, both financial and non-tangible, into ensuring that their faculty can meet the needs of 21st-century learners. In many top schools, professional development seminars are orchestrated, teachers are sent to conferences around the world and schedules are arranged to ensure a maximum amount of planning time, yet there seems to be a certain amount of hesitation about highlighting the achievements of our teachers on social media. By showcasing your faculty, you can position your teachers as leaders in their fields, and your school as being focused on offering a world-class education.


2.  Highlight your Alumni

Highlighting your alumni offers two interesting outcomes. First, it shows that the education you offer is part of a path to success. This can help prospective parents decide to choose your school especially if you offer an alternative education format. However, there is an even larger opportunity to seize with Alumni Showcases. Brand recognition is a big part of most schools social media marketing plans and when you highlight a former student, you are reaching your network AND THEIRS.


3.  Show the inner workings of your school

We often focus on student activities and projects, but it’s sometimes important to show how much work goes on behind the curtain. When students are away for Ped Days, your staff is working hard to create unique learning experiences. The custodian is probably painting or doing repairs, the teachers are planning or correcting, etc. By presenting parents with a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into making sure your school is top notch, you can further their buy-in to your program.


In the end, when planning social media content, it’s important to align it directly with your value proposition. Of course, it is always fun to share some of the exciting activities that are happening at your school, but that does not help you differentiate your product. By focusing on the big picture, you can ensure that your school is positioned as the expert in their field.