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James Feith

3 Content Ideas for Your School

When planning social media content for an independent or private school, it’s often easy to be sidetracked from the message that really matters. Every day in schools across the country, exciting things are happening. Field Days, Pyjama Days and Science Fairs are constantly highlighted across social media platforms making it easy to get lost in the crowd. It’s crucial that your social media messages reflect the value proposition of your school. Today, we are highlighting three simple ideas that can serve as inspiration for future content on your site. 1. Showcase your Faculty Many schools across the continent are pouring […]

James Feith

Should I Make or Buy my Website

The verdict is out. Your business needs a website. Over 80% of buying decisions now involve a web search. Now, it’s up to you to get it ready. And so you need to take the same decision millions of business owners around the country have been faced with. Should I make my own website or pay a professional to make one for me. Even though we offer website design as a service, we still feel that this is a decision that you need to take for your business, and it’s not an easy one. With a growing number of amazing services that […]

SEO Action Items
James Feith

3 SEO Goals for the Week of May 22nd

First of all, I hope last week’s goals went well. One of the hardest parts of SEO is that the results are not immediate. It’s easy to feel like your efforts are not having any effect. Just keep at it, keep learning and soon enough, you’ll see some results. This week’s goals are:   1. Start a Facebook Page Facebook is a really powerful tool for growing your online presence. There are BILLIONS of active users and Americans spend more than 20 minutes a day browsing it! Starting a Facebook page is for your business is pretty simple and they have a straight forward […]

3 Action Items
James Feith

3 Action Items to boost your web presence TODAY

Whenever I speak to businesses, I always talk about the importance of a strong web presence and a good website, but I really understand why that can sometimes be difficult. I started my first business when I was 17 in the sports training industry. The first thing I realized is that running a business was a lot of work. I was incredibly busy, all the time. Although I took the time to read up on all the newest online trends, I found that every day I was swamped with bookkeeping, administrative work and just trying to get sales up. Almost always, […]

James Feith

Metric of the Month: Conversion Rate

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